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Fish Catchin Machines : Lyle
I just recently discovered "River Rockers", and I am impressed. Catching Hybrids, Walleye, even Crappie while trolling this bait. I've been using the #3, and replacing the back treble hook with a buck tail treble. (Posted on 4/24/2018)
Great for steelhead on the lower Columbia river. : Bill
Pink shiner & fluorescent red in size #5 or #7 are working better for me than the traditional brands of plugs used here for steelhead.
I have a lot of these plugs that I have added patterns in black and covered some partially and totally with fine and/or course glitter.(Hope she does not find the glitter finger nail polish in my tackle box) I don't get to try many of my modifications though. One of my glitter covered red plugs is crazy good and I refuse to take it off to test the others.
I also modify the hooks a little with removal of the belly hook. I install 3 split rings on the belly for balance. Also go up in size on the back hook to a #2 treble of the same design as the stock hook it comes with. Rear hook has 2 split rings for set back from the plug.....Fish on and stays on! (This is a barbless fishery)
I am sure some of the other colors would work well also in this fishery.
(Posted on 6/24/2015)
pink shinner is hot : chromemasterscotty
I have caught so many steelhead and walleye combined they are awsome (Posted on 12/29/2014)
Trout on the Lower Sacremento river : Paddlehead
A friend gave me one of the Gold 2 3/8 '' river rockers to use. Let me tell you it worked very well. got down to the fish in fast current. Looking forward to getting a hold of some of them. I back trolled a Orangeade on the Trinity river and did well on the steelhead. They work well in fast current. (Posted on 11/8/2014)
Great lure : Pyt
First ever tried this.
Got pike and rainbow trout on it same day.
Nice action.
Reliable lure (Posted on 6/2/2014)
Instant fan : doug markham
I have become an instant fan of this bait. I used it to troll on Percy Priest Lake in Tennessee thanks to a friend who introduced me to it. Priest is not a fast water lake, but it has a lot of fish in it. The crappie, bass, and catfish (yes, catfish) loved this bait. My friend and I were experimenting with colors and while shad and gold both worked, the fish were all about red glow. Our intention is to take River Rockers out walleye fishing here in Tennessee, but I'm hear to tell you now that the lake fish are liking them and the surface temperature on Priest is 90 degrees in August. Good wobble, paint job that holds up, sharp hooks, and overall strong build. Lindy has a good bait in the River Rocker and there are so many more colors to try. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Rainbow : Ronald Weaver
Caught an 19 inch rainbow in a lake the first time fished. Deep trolling with the small pink version. Good luck. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Grand R. Steelhead : Gary Klomp
These baits are Hot!!! Steelheader's on the Grand River near Grand Rapids, Mi have been slamming fish with the size 5 all winter. I would think the size 3 will work when the Walleye's start moving up in March. There are many great colors available and the baits can be found at Al& Bob's Sports, The Outdoorsman Pro Shop and Rylee's Ace Hdw. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Great first day : Mike Uerling
First time using this lure caught a musky, northern, 2 catfish, 3 walleye and 3 smallmouth bass while trolling. Only reason I didn't go with 5 stars is it's prone to snagging on the rocking river bottom I fish. I own 3 currently and will be getting another 3 so my wife don't steal the ones I have. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Muskie : T.J. Mikolajczak
I love this lure. On lake St Clare I caught 5 18"+ small mouth bass and a 52" 36lb Muskie. They work good for Walleye also! (Posted on 3/1/2014)

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River Rocker

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Lindy’s River Rocker has a curved profile and streamlined shape that produces a wide rocking wobble. Whether it is cast or trolled, this exaggerated action will draw strikes from a variety of species. Designed and built for performance right out of the box, the extremely versatile River Rocker is often cast, flat-line trolled or used with downriggers, but it truly shines when utilized in fast-running waters.

  • Wide rocking wobble
  • Excels in fast-running waters
  • Heavy-duty hangers and split rings
 Size  Weight Cranking Depth  Trolling Depth  Hook Size  Number
 2 3/8 in  3/16 oz  4 - 5 ft  5 - 6 ft  # 8  #3
 3 1/8 in  5/16 oz  5 - 6 ft  6 - 7 ft  # 4  #5
 3 3/4 in    1/2 oz  6 - 8 ft  15 - 17ft  #2  #7
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