Lindy Live Bait Jig

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It’s been 25 years since legendary Northern Minnesota guide Jeff Sundin began tinkering with jig hooks and head shapes to develop what he considers the perfect jighead for delivering live bait. Now that design, which Sundin has been using with huge success ever since, will be released to the rest of the fishing world in the Lindy Livebait Jig. The Livebait Jig’s short-shank hook allows for ultra-natural presentations, where the minnow, not the jighead, dictates the action. At the same time, the head’s weight-forward design creates a nose-down posture, matching a minnow rooting for food, and the unique shape allows for specialized presentations of night crawlers. Also, although the Livebait Jig isn’t technically a stand-up jig, it tends to rest nose down to elevate a minnow, leech or crawler.

  • Uniquely balanced to keep the hook in an upward position for solid hooksets on every bite
  • Compact profile and weight-forward design works with everything from minnows to leeches to nightcrawlers to soft plastics


Model Weight (oz) Hook Per Pack
LLBJ2 1/16 1/0 8
LLBJ3 1/8 1/0 7
LLBJ5 1/4 1/0 6


Lindy Live Bait Jig Features and Benifits

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