When the Lindy Wally Demon gets inside a walleye, the only solution is a pan full of grease and some breading. The new Lindy Wally Demon crankbait is terror on trophy walleyes.


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The 2 ½-inch version Lindy Wally Demon dives to 7 feet deep on the cast and 11 feet when trolled on a long line with 10-lb monofilament. The 3 1/8-inch LWD3 reaches 10 feet on the cast and down to 17 feet when trolled. It produces a mid-range wobble action and features perfect pitch rattles and razor sharp red hooks (#6 on the LWD2 and #4 on the larger LWD3). Color patterns are a mix of proven producers and new high-tech looks designed and developed by walleye anglers to be effective in a variety of waters and conditions.

Model Weight Length Hooks
LWD2 1/4 oz 2.5" #6
LWD3 1/2 oz 3.125" #4