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Top shelf : Joshua Myhre
I have been fishing with the LRFS for the last two ice seasons here in Minnesota. It has become an must have in my ice time arsenal. I rank my personal opinion reviews towards what I purchase for ice fishing based upon fish being caught (#1). Equally in value for me is my post ice season review as to what lure(s) have are taking space up on the top shelf of my ice fishing tackle jig/tackle box. After the last two ice seasons I have just given the top shelf my jig/tackle box to the RATTL'N FLYER SPOON. Great lure and great company. Shack (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Best ice fishing lures...period! : Jim Stark
These are the best ice fishing lures...period! Tipped with waxies, minnow heads, or maggots and there is anything that it won't catch. The rattle calls the fish in from all around the lake. A must lure for the ice tackle box. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Love this spoon : darren vacek
I love this spoon, one of my all time favorites. When tipped with a minnow or minnow head there is not a better spoon in my opinion. In some cases I feel the hook can be too small for certain species so I swap the hooks with the next size treble (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Gold Shiner : Duane Cobenais
I had the gold shiner, used it with a minnow head and stonger spring bobber. Never took it off of my jigging rod the whole weekend. Killed the walleye and sauger on Lake of the Woods this past February, caught about a dozen tulibee on it as well. Will be buying a couple other colors and testing them out this summer on crappies. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
fake : douglas schlief
this review will never be approved. who do you think your fooling with your FAKE reviews. had every intention of purchasing your lures after vreading about them on page 49 of the dec/jan illinois game and fish mag. well you have lost all creditability with me now and i will not only not be making a purchase now i never will.sincerly douglas schlief peotone illinois (Posted on 3/1/2014)
Magic! : Joshua Buell
This lure is magic, and has all the great qualities to catch fish, we nailed walleye and slab crappies all ice season long!! (Posted on 3/1/2014)
If I could only have one... : Ice Hole
If I could only have one ice fishing lure it would be a 1/8 oz. Red Glow Rattl'n Flyer spoon tipped with a Minno head. (Posted on 3/1/2014)
#1 Lure : Christian Ponder
This is my #1 confidence bait when I'm ice fishing walleye. It catches fish everywhere. The hooks are quality, and the finish on the spoon is quality as well.
(Posted on 3/1/2014)
If I could only have one lure... : Augustus Gloop
You'll never find me without at least one Red Glow 1/8 oz. Rattl'n Flyer Spoon tied on.

I think it works best with a minnow head tip, but have seen it outperform live bait without as well. The action is unlike any other spoon on the market. (Posted on 11/4/2013)

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Rattl'N Flyer Spoon

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Non-lead alloy construction gives the Rattl'n Flyer Spoon perfect weight balance. It's light enough to shimmer, dance, dart, or fly; yet heavy enough for the 'feel' and downward momentum skilled spooners prefer. No need to use a swivel as this spoon does not spin on the drop! This active lure is a free spirit that still obeys rod-tip commands

  • Non-lead alloy jigging spoon hybrid
  • Darts and flies outside the hole
  • Lifelike baitfish scale pattern


Model Weight (oz.) Size (in.) Hook
FJ2/FJ0 1/16-oz. 1-in. Bleeding Red Treble
FJ3/FJ0 1/8-oz. 1.5-in. Bleeding Red Treble
FJ4/FJ0 3/16-oz. 1.5-in. Bleeding Red Treble
FJ5/FJ0 1/4-oz. 1.5-in. Bleeding Red Treble
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