As June marches on, walleyes across Lindy Land continue their transition from shallow springtime haunts out to their summer range. Often, this means a move into deeper water, either onto offshore structure or deeper soft-bottom basin areas.

Fish-holding locations aren’t always the only thing in flux. In early summer, anglers often experience a transition between preferred presentations as well.

Veteran guide and Lindy Fish Ed host Jon Thelen advises anglers faced with such scenarios to tie on a Lindy Lil’ Guy.

“When your results with both spinner rigs and crankbaits are good but not great, this unique hybrid rig blends the best of all worlds into one technique,” he said. “As a bonus, it also adds the attraction of a Lindy Rig to the mix.”

Indeed, the Lil’ Guy combines the best attributes of crankbaits and spinners. “The hard body creates vibration and side-to-side swimming movements,” Thelen explained. “While the nightcrawler trailing along on the harness adds the scent, taste and motion of live bait.”

Armed with a Lil’ Guy, Thelen targets areas many other anglers miss.

“A lot of fishermen jump from early season shoreline hotspots right out to deep, offshore structure,” he said. “When they do this, they skip over drop-offs where walleyes stop along their migration. Often, prime depths run in the 15- to 23-foot range, but it varies by lake.”

Thelen often trolls crawlers, but isn’t afraid to experiment with other tippings. “To fish a minnow or leech on a Lil’ Guy, simply snip off the second hook,” he said.

As for speeds, the Lil’ Guy can handle a variety of velocities. “It’s made to run from .3 to 2.5 mph,” saidThelen. “But right now, in the transitional areas, I generally keep it between 1.3 to 1.8 mph.”

To keep the rig in the strike zone at such speeds, he relies on a 1½-ounce bottom bouncer. “Keep your line at a 45-degree angle to the surface, with the sinker occasionally ticking bottom,” he added. “Just hold on tight, because strikes can be vicious and rip the rod out of your hand if you’re not paying attention!”