Find Weeds for Windy Day Walleye

July 25, 2013

One of the toughest things about fishing in the wind is staying on a productive spot. When you find a productive location like the edge of an underwater weed bed, use a drift sock in combination with your trolling motor to help you hold your position. In many Midwest lakes, weeds will grow in ten to twelve feet of water during the warmer months. If you find weeds at a given depth, the can likely be found at the same depth all over the lake you're fishing.


Power Corking for Summer Walleye

July 10, 2013

Float fishing or bobber fishing is a great way to target actively feeding walleye. With its eyes positioned on the top of its head, a walleye feeds upward. You can learn how to take advantage of this trait by fishing a float. A float will allow you to position your bait precisely above the fish. A Thill slip float will let you make quick adjustments to the depth you're fishing. For this vertical presentation, a jig will give a more natural and lifelike appearance than a crawler or a minnow.


Casting Cranks for Shallow Hanging Walleye

July 3, 2013

As the waters warm up, the fish become more aggressive. Cast a shallow-running crankbait near some cover or along a transition and don't be afraid to crank it fast and move it quickly. Target wind-blown shorelines to find concentrations of fish. If the bite slows down, slow your retrieve to keep the bait in the strike zone a little longer. Whether you're fishing for walleye, bass, or pike, this can keep the bite going and put more fish in the boat.


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