Devils Lake Jumbo Perch on Ice

December 26, 2012

Fish Ed. host Jon Thelen catches jumbo perch on Devils Lake using a unique, rattling spoon. Jon is fishing over a soft bottom and explains how to locate bottom transitions under the ice and choose the right bait to catch the fish there.


Early Ice Crappie & Bluegill

December 18, 2012

This week on Fish Ed, Host Jon Thelen details how and where to catch early ice bluegill and crappie. While the weather conditions change throughout the day and a cold front moves in, these northern Minnesota panfish cooperate just enough to put together a great early winter fish fry.


Deep Trolling for Late Summer Walleye

August 23, 2012

This Week Jon trolls for deep walleye on Lake of the Woods in late August. When the fish are 30 feet deep, downriggers, leadcore line, or bottom bouncers are all good ways to get your crankbaits to run at the correct depth. Lindy Shadlings or Cotton Cordell Wally Divers are great walleye lures any time of the year.


Leadcore Trolling for Deep Hanging Walleye

August 2, 2012

Jon Thelen demonstrates how to use leadcore line to keep a crankbait like a Smithwick Rogue or Lindy River Rocker in the strike zone.


Summer Trolling for Suspended Walleye

July 19, 2012

This Week on the Water, Jon trolls for suspended walleye using planer boards and line counter reels to keep his spinners at the right depth and position in relation to the boat.


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