About Us

The Lindy Tackle Company was created in 1968 by members of the Nisswa Guides' League in the heart of Minnesota's Brainerd Lakes Area. Their goal was to market a revolutionary new walleye fishing product called the Lindy Rig, and they were obviously very successful. Lindy staffers turned the walleye scene on its ear by barnstorming upper Midwest walleye fisheries with demonstrations and seminars while selling thousands of the one-and-only Lindy Rig. This now-legendary rig was soon joined by other styles and versions with spinners, floats and other accessories.

When Lindy outgrew the ability of its founders to finance its growth, the company was sold to Ray-O-Vac in 1973. Also that year, Ray-O-Vac acquired Mille Lacs Mfg., and merged it with Lindy to form Ray-O-Vac’s Fishing Tackle Division. Mille Lacs Mfg was originally founded by Joe Fladebo and had been operating out of Isle, Minn., since the late 1930s. The company owned the Little Joe fishing tackle brand and quickly became famous for its Red Devil, Little Joe and Mity Grip Spinners; Canadian Jig Fly, Lazy Dazy Lures, True-Spin Spinners and a wide assortment of other lures and accessories. 

Lindy-Little Joe Inc. was incorporated in November of 1978 to acquire and operate the Fishing Tackle Division of Ray-O-Vac. The company purchased specific assets including the Lindy and Little Joe brand names, inventory, tools and dies, as well as the manufacturing and office equipment.

In 1979, with a new direction and a streamlined product set, Lindy-Little Joe began to bring the walleye market to the forefront of the fishing industry. The company is credited with identifying walleye fishing as a viable, important market, as well as with developing many of the walleye fishing methods and products that dominate the industry today.

Lindy-Little Joe Inc. acquired Thill Fishing Tackle in 1979. Thill premium floats incorporate European technology into products designed to specifically address North America’s unique fish and water conditions. In April of 1997, Lindy-Little Joe acquired System Tackle Manufacturing of Sauk Rapids, Minn. This acquisition brought the company an exceptional series of ice fishing jigs to complement the open-water line. 

Muskie Greats Tackle, or M/G, was acquired in 2004. The flagship product of the M/G line was the M/G Muskie Tandem bucktail sprinnerbaits. The following year, Beckman Nets, Drift Control Drift Socks and Tamer Fishing Products were rolled into Lindy’s operations.

During the decades since its creation, the company has earned the reputation of "Legendary Fishing Tackle" through a commitment to innovation combined with a healthy respect for those “classic” rigs, jigs and accessories that lead the fishing market today. Lindy Fuzz-E-Grubs and Little Nippers are respected throughout the fishing community as authentic workhorses, and the River Rocker crankbait is well established as the No. 1 crank for working moving water. Lindy’s ice jigs and spoons are staples for ice fishermen all across northern ice regions.

Even though Lindy now manufactures a massive line of lures and accessories that span a variety of tactics, the company has never forgotten that it was the Lindy Rig that brought them to the dance. Today Lindy offers a full line of Lindy Rig components including spinners, No-Snagg Sinkers, Beads and Snell Floats, as well as multiple versions of this classic rig. While we strive to create new and exciting ways to catch fish, we’ll never take lightly the effectiveness of the Lindy Rig. 

Accessories, such as Riggers that keep your rigs convenient and tangle free, and other smart walleye products also are available. Lindy’s line of Bait Tamers, Marker Buoys, Stringers and Fish Handling Gloves are designed specifically for the way you fish, combining convenience, quality and value.

At Lindy, we live for the gentle slap of waves on the side of the boat. We live for the potential of a new day on the water. We believe in the cultural heritage and the joy good fish fry while still being responsible stewards for our resources. In winter we drill holes and fish for a great variety of winter wonderland species, often making friends, sharing with family and creating memories that span generations. During open water season we’re often found trolling and jigging on the notorious northern waters of Mille Lacs, Lake of the Woods, and all across the Great Lakes. 

Lindy began with an idea, a concept that stepped outside the norm and swept through the walleye fishing world like a January blizzard. That innovation is still evident today. Lindy personnel are continually driving toward developing new tactics to put more fish in the boat or on the ice, while keeping a solid hold on past success.

We live the fishing life. We keep what we can eat and throw the rest back. We know that it’s sometimes more satisfying to watch a youngster catch a fish than catching it ourselves. We know we must give back a little to our beloved waters to ensure the next generations learn the life lessons fishing can teach. And, we wouldn’t have it any other way.