• Black with Gold Flake
  • Black/Chartreuse Green
  • Blue/White
  • Brown Orange
  • Chart Green Chart Yellow
  • Chart Purple Flake Purple
  • Chart w Red Flake Red
  • Chartreuse Yellow
  • Fluorescent Orange w/ Orange Flake
  • Green Pumpkin w/ Black Flake/Pearl
  • Junebug
  • Metallic Gold
  • Orange Chart Yellow
  • Pink w Silver Flake Black
  • Pink Chartreuse Yellow
  • Pink/White
  • Red w Silver Flake
  • White

Watsit Spin

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What is a Watsit? Only fish can answer that riddle. What a Watsit Spin mimics (perhaps a crawfish, hellgrammite, grub or minnow) might be in question to fishermen, but there is no doubt that its tiny arms and uniquely undulating tail represent easy prey to fish.

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The Watsit Spin brings a touch of flash to grub fishing. It's specially designed to allow its #1 Indiana blade to spin at the slightest movement. Unlike similar lures, the Watsit Spin will spin whenever a reel handle is turned. The Watsit Spin features the unique Watsit Grub body that seemingly mimics any forage that swims. Its tiny arms and undulating tail provide action and vibration that, when combined with the flash of a blade, prove irresistible to fish!

  • #1 Indiana blade spins at any speed to add flash & vibration
  • Watsit grub body with swimming tail and appendages