• White
  • Fluorescent Orange/Orange Flake
  • Metallic Gold
  • Orange/Chartreuse Yellow
  • Red/Silver Flake
  • Black/Gold Flake
  • Chartreuse Green/Chartreuse Yellow
  • Chartreuse Yellow
  • Green Pumpkin/Black Flake/Pearl
  • Pink/White
  • Junebug
  • Black/Chartreuse Green
  • Pink/Silver Flake/Black
  • Chartreuse Yellow/Red Flake/Red
  • Pink/Chartreuse Yellow
  • Brown/Orange
  • Blue/White
  • Chartreuse/Purple Flake/Purple

Watsit Jig

The Lindy Watsit Jig is the grub that covers all your bases, and is sure to catch you plenty of fish.



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The Lindy Watsit Grub matches the profile of a number of different species of forage that predator fish are always after. The Watsit could be a crawfish, baitfish, hellgrammite or other insect, but what it is to a fish is dinner. The Watsit Grub features six small insect-like arms on the sides and a thin tail that ripples and undulates in the water. Multiple sizes and colors appeal to a variety of gamefish.

  • Emulates several natural species of common prey
  • Pre-rigged on a color-coordinated Lindy Jig
Model Weight Size Pcs. Per Pack
LWGJ2 1/16-oz. 1 3/4-in. 2
LWGJ3 1/8-oz. 2-in. 2
LWGJ5 1/4-oz. 2-in. 2

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