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Tungsten Toad

The Tungsten Toad ice jig is more dense than lead, so it sinks quicker and provides more sensitivity.

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The Lindy Tungsten Toad features the same weight-forward design, angled line-tie and 10-degree offset hook as the original Lindy Toad, a proven design that allows the bait to hang horizontal with the hook point fully exposed. Because tungsten is more dense and heavier than lead, the Tungsten Toad gets down to the strike zone quicker, deals with aquatic vegetation with more force and provides more sensitivity, meaning you put more fish on the ice.

  • 10-degree offset hook is specifically designed for increased hook-ups
  • Tungsten is 86% more dense than lead
  • Tungsten is  environmentally friendly
Hook (No.) Length Weight Count
#10 3/4-in. 1/16-oz. 1
#12 5/8-in. 1/32-oz. 1
#14 1/2-in. 1/32-oz. 1

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