Lindy’s new Wally Demon crankbait is already proving itself as a go-to walleye catcher in the tournament trenches. Over the past two weekends, Lindy pro-staffer Al Standly and teammate Bev Standly trolled up a win and third-place finish in walleye tournaments on the Upper Mississippi River’s Pools 3 and 4 by pulling Wally Demons.

“The Wally Demon’s rattles make a lot of racket, so walleyes know the bait is headed their way,” Al explained. “And the fish really like its quick, tight wobble.”

The Standlys placed third in a Minnesota Team Trail tournament April 17, racking up five walleyes for 18.64 pounds. And on April 23-24, they brought a two-day total of 36.50 pounds to the scale to win the Walleye Searchers Lake Pepin Open.

“We launched out of Colville Park in Red Wing for both events and focused on areas along the first break off shore where post-spawn male walleyes were holding,” said Al, noting that boat control was key. “I run a 21-foot fiberglass rig with a 200-horse tiller, which allowed me to keep the boat and my lures where they needed to be at all times.”

The Standlys trolled downriver at a blistering pace of 4 to 5 mph. “It’s a great way to draw reaction strikes,” Al added. “The fish hear and feel the Wally Demon coming, and when it gets to them they have a split-second to decide whether to smash it or let it go.”

While many of the Standlys’ competitors chose traditional walleye tactics such as three-way rigging, hand-lining and jigging in the 57-degree water, Al and Bev proved that crankbaits like the Wally Demon aren’t just for warm-weather walleye adventures.

Al notes that he’s also experimented with Lindy’s other new cranks — the Wally Shad and Rally Fish — and says he plans to work them into the program shortly.