We all dream about the fast action that happens when schools of hungry crappies and sunfish swarm into shallow water to feed.

But even during the peak of the spring fling, not every day sees such epic fishing.

Fickle weather, heavy fishing pressure and other factors can cause panfish to temporarily abandon their skinny water feeding grounds, putting the brakes on a hot bank bite and sending some anglers home with their heads down.

As many Lindy Land fans know, however, you can still catch fish during a tough bite if you adjust your tactics accordingly.

For example, in many lakes, sunfish and crappies pushed from the shallows will slide out a bit deeper to the first structural element they can find, such as a drop-off. Depths vary by lake, but nine to 12 feet is a good starting point.

To catch them, try fishing small ice fishing jigs like a Lindy Watsit Ice Jig, Toad or Ice Worm either on a tight line or under a small Thill float.

Often, the wriggly appendages on the small Watsit grub are enough to trigger bites, but don’t be afraid to experiment with tippings such as waxworms or other natural offerings.

Keeping your presentation relatively subtle while watching for light bites is often the key to turning the tables on a tough bite and putting panfish in the boat.