Residents of Lindy Land are blessed with a bounty of the best walleye fisheries in the world. This midsection of the Walleye Belt can’t be matched for trophies and shore-lunch eaters.

If there’s a downside, it’s that there are too many choices. So much water, so little time.

There are three bodies of water that every Lindy Lander must visit on a regular basis, though, especially during summer. We explored Devils Lake in the first installment, and now move eastward to Wisconsin's Green Bay.

green bayGreen Bay, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin
Massive Lake Michigan is a standout walleye destination from the hallowed waters of Bays de Noc south, but Wisconsin’s Green Bay is hard to beat for marble-eyed monsters of super-sized proportions.

Biologists report that the fishery is as good as ever since its return to glory following the Clean Water Act and strategic stocking efforts. As a result, the bay offers better-than-average chances at catching 28- to 30-inch-plus trophies, plus good numbers of smaller fish.

The traditional Green Bay playbook calls for targeting spawning reefs and tributaries like the Fox or Menominee rivers in April, trolling the flats through May into June, and plying deeper water in August and September.

Lindy pro staffer and longtime guide Jason Muche says that in June, many Green Bay walleyes also head for deeper water and softer substrate. He follows the transition into 14 to 20 feet of water, especially off Geano’s Reef, and traces the deep breakline from rock, gravel, and clay down into the mud, where he focuses on 20- to 30-foot depths.

“The mud bite offers steady fishing through September as the fish move progressively north,” Muche says.

Lindy Crawler Harnesses are a mainstay of his presentational portfolio. “I run a lot of size 5 Colorado blades, in golden shiner and perch patterns,” he says. “Size 4 willowleaf blades are hot when there are a lot of alewives around, and Indiana blades have become more popular, too.”

Lindy guide and Fish Ed television host Jon Thelen also sings Green Bay’s praises, especially in July. “There’s an incredible midsummer bite for walleyes of all sizes, including plenty in the 9- to 12-pound range,” he explains. “I pull Lindy Crawler Harnesses and crankbaits for suspended fish.”