Spinner rigging is a great way to catch big numbers of warm-weather walleyes on lakes across Lindy Land. Let these five tips from Lindy pro Mike Christensen help you spin up more ’eyes all summer ...

1. Know When To Spin: Shun close quarters. Spinners rule when walleyes roam flats, weed edges, breaklines and other relatively large areas where covering water is key.

2. Bait Smart: Crawlers are all-around favorites and particularly deadly during a bug hatch. Switch to leeches or minnows when walleyes key on them as a food source.

3. Double Down: When minnows are on the walleyes’ menu, try trolling a two-hook harness with a small fathead on each hook.

4. Sinker Savvy: Weighting systems abound. Deploy bottom bouncers for pinpoint positioning along well-defined contours. In-line options excel for suspended fish, while lead-core line is a clear-water threat and split-shot are allies when storming the weedtops.

5. Avoid Speed Traps: Don’t let conventional trolling wisdom dictate your pace. Spinners work wonders from .6 to 2.5 mph; experiment with different speeds until the fish tell you how fast (or slow) they want their meals moving at the moment.