It’s no secret that crankbaits catch fish in fall. But, given the wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors hanging on tackle shop racks, choosing the best bait for the conditions at hand can be intimidating.

Lindy offers a selection of cranks, including the Wally Demon, Wally Shad, Rally Fish and River Rocker. Collectively, they can help you catch more walleyes, pike, crappies and other gamefish all fall.

A number of factors come into play in crankbait selection. Veteran guide and Fish Ed host Jon Thelen considers running depth, lure size and profile, action, sound and color key attributes.

He cautions against pigeonholing a particular lure into use for just one species or situation, however.

The Wally Demon, for example, is a study in versatility. The bait comes in two sizes, so you can fine-tune both lure size and running depth. Its profile imitates thinner baitfish like shiners, which are an important fall forage in many fisheries. Thanks to its wide wobble, it also tempts predators where thicker bodied prey like perch are on the menu.

The Wally Demon also possesses a loud rattle system, which makes it ideal for low-visibility conditions.

“But you can also call fish from afar in clear water,” Thelen added. “Plus, since the Wally Demon’s animated action and loud rattles attract predators from a distance, it’s also great for getting walleyes to move up to the bait. And whenever you can get fish to move up in the water column, your chances of catching them go through the roof.”

Thelen notes the Wally Demon is also one of those crankbaits that excels both on the cast and troll. “It’s balanced to cast a county mile, and is great for fancasting isolated structure. But I also like the bait for trolling applications.

“The 2½-inch size 2 dives seven feet on the cast and 11 feet on the troll with 10-pound monofilament line,” he continued. “The 3 1/8-inch size 3 reaches 10 feet casting and trolls to 17. So collectively, the Wally Demon lets you cover a wide range of depths, giving me one more reason to keep a selection of these versatile lures close at hand all fall.”