With the walleye spawn behind us and the fish in transition, pinpointing the strike zone can be a challenge. But there are tricks to shortening the search. For example, veteran guide and Lindy Fish Ed host Jon Thelen looks for areas that perennially produce May walleyes.

He explains that walleyes spawn in April and early May in the Upper Midwest, often in shallow water over wave- or current-washed gravel, rubble or other firm bottom. “They quickly disperse from these areas, but many fish often hang around the vicinity — especially the males,” he said.

One of Thelen’s favorite spots for post-spawn fish is the first major breakline near the spawning grounds, typically in depths of 15 feet or less.

“Large female walleyes can get pretty dormant for a short time after the spawn, but males are usually active and ready to eat,” he said. “These shallow, aggressive fish can make for some pretty interesting fishing trips.”

When targeting these post-spawn sweet spots, Thelen often employs a Lindy Rig.

The iconic rig comes in a variety of configurations, but a 42-inch Lindy Rig X-Treme (which comes packaged with a red hook, colored bead and painted walking sinker) is a top choice for May walleyes. Thelen also likes a long leader, such as the 72-inch tether of an Original Lindy Rig Snell, over smooth bottoms.

In many situations, the standard sliding, bottom-walking sinker is ideal. But the banana-shaped Lindy No-Snagg reduces snags when fishing rocks or around woody cover. When dialing in sinker weight, Thelen isn’t afraid to downsize to ¼-ounce sinkers to get the rig away from the boat in shallow water. Deeper scenarios call for up to 3/8 ounces or more.

As for bait choice, Thelen likes minnows in May. Leeches often come into their own in June, but crawlers are a wild card that can tempt hungry ’eyes almost anytime.

“Whatever bait you go with, keep your speed down until the water temperature hits the mid 60s,” he cautioned, noting that .3 to .5 mph is plenty fast for hooking up with feisty May walleyes just about anywhere in Lindy Land.