Statistically speaking, fishing is a pretty safe sport. But the risk of injury rises anytime you lay hands on a fish, whether you’re landing, unhooking, cleaning or releasing your catch.

Lindy Fish Handling Gloves are a great way to protect your hands from the hazards of razor-sharp teeth, fins, gill plates, hooks, line and wire leaders — as well as your own fillet knife at the cleaning table.

They also allow you to get a sure grip on a slippery fish without squeezing it too hard or damaging its protective slime coating, engendering successful catch-and-release.

Unfortunately, not all gloves are created equal. And not all gloves offer the same level of comfort, flexibility or protection.

When choosing a fishing glove, look for options offering durable protective fabric that fit your hands and are flexible enough to provide the degree of dexterity necessary for routine unhooking, untangling and cleaning duties.

Lindy’s Fish Handling Glove is a prime example. Made with armor-like SuperFabric material, it deflects hooks, knives and teeth— and is 800 percent more puncture resistant than competitive fishing gloves.

As a bonus, the Fish Handling Glove resists absorbing fish odors and is machine washable for easy care.

To perfectly fit your hands and personal preferences, it’s available in three sizes in both right- and left-handed options. And thanks to the Velcro wrist strap, it slips on and off in seconds.

Considering such benefits, it’s no surprise the Lindy Fishing Handling Glove has been awarded “Best Value” and other accolades in independent reviews of fishing gloves. Give it a hard look when choosing your next fishing glove and protect your hands from the hazards of life on the water.