There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a single species of panfish. But some of the fondest ice fishing memories are often forged on fisheries that offer a variety of fish including bluegills, yellow perch and crappies.

To catch the most fish possible on these multi-species honeyholes, savvy icemen like longtime Northwoods guide and popular Lindy pro Jeff Sundin hit the ice armed with a selection of lures that allow them to adapt to the presentational plot twists that pop up when enjoying a panfish potpourri.

Sundin typically opts for a proven four-pronged plan of attack that opens with a deadly first strike and ends wherever the panfish lead him.

“First up is a rod rigged with something big and heavy that lets me quickly get a handle on the situation,” he said, noting a 1/8-ounce Lindy Frostee Jigging Spoon tipped with waxworms is ideal for such duties.

He drops the spoon two to three feet off bottom and lightly jigs it to lure nearby panfish into range. Often, this setup yields a handful of perch or crappies, with the occasional sunfish.

Step two is a smaller, buggy-shaped bait like a Lindy Ice Worm or Bug. Sundin’s third strike is a size 4 or 6 Frostee Jig, tipped with a skin-hooked crappie minnow.

From there, adaptation takes over. “Mix and match a variety of jigs, spoons and tippings as you improvise to match the conditions and mood of the fish,” he said.

Pleasant Surprises

Fishing is full of surprises, and truth be told, these unexpected twists and turns are a big part of the sport’s allure. This weekend on Lindy’s Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen uncovers a pair of surprising fishing revelations that can help you catch more fish on a lake near you this summer. Catch all the action this Saturday morning at 8:30 on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin.