Fall walleye fishing can be dynamite 24/7. But some of the best fishing, especially for sag-bellied trophies, occurs after sunset. Fishing the late shift can also be a great way to conquer cold fronts and other environmental changes that cause the daytime bite to tank.

A variety of presentations take walleyes in the dark, including casting or trolling ’eye-catching crankbaits like the Lindy Rally Fish, Wally Shad and Wally Demon. Slip floats are great when fish are concentrated in a small area or cruising along a specific spot on a contour or other funnel area.

Key areas include anywhere cover or structure, ranging from rocks to weeds and wood, is situated close to a shoreline point with deep water nearby. Anywhere the first drop-off swings close to the shoreline is worth checking, too, since hungry ’eyes focus on these areas when moving into shallow water to feed.

On reservoir systems, top spots can also include the riprap along dams and necked down areas such as bridges and causeways, along with fast-breaking gravel points.

For nighttime slip bobbering, lighted and glow-in-the-dark floats are hard to beat. They make it easy to monitor your bait’s location and watch for bites, without having to shine a flashlight or head-lamp beam across the water.

Choices abound. Thill’s Splash Brite has been a favorite with night fishermen since its introduction more than five seasons ago. Fully automatic, the premium center slider lights up when it lands in the water, and shuts off when removed from the lake.

Such water-activated operation saves on batteries and makes buttons and light sticks. The internal battery lasts at least 36 hours. After that, you have a top-shelf daytime float.

Thill’s Nite Brite is another longtime favorite of nocturnal anglers. The powerful and replaceable E.L. lithium battery is brighter than competitive bobbers — so it’s easy to see in the distance or in windy conditions — and lasts twice as long to boot. While the Nite Brite is manually operated, it’s a snap to turn on and off.

Night fishing float choices also include glow options like the Thill Night ‘N Day Glow Float, which doesn’t require batteries. Whichever float you choose, it’s hard to go wrong suspending a lively minnow beneath it, although leeches, when available, are also great choices for triggering bites at night.