As anglers across Lindy Land stock up on tackle for the open-water season ahead, Lindy’s new Wally Shad ranks high among the must-have new products sure to tempt hungry walleyes in the months ahead.

Stretching 2½ inches, the 1/3-ounce hardbait sports a thin yet deep-bodied profile that imitates a variety of important forage species.

“As the name implies, this crankbait certainly mimics shad,” said Lindy pro Jon Thelen, host of the company’s popular Fish Ed TV and online programming. “But the Wally Shad is also a dead ringer for other baitfish including the yellow perch, which makes up the food base in many Midwestern fisheries.”

Thelen fished the bait extensively during its design phase, and notes that the 11 color schemes let anglers dial in patterns to precisely match the forage in their favorite lakes and rivers.

“I like the chromes and metallic finishes when shiners and other silver-sided minnows are on the walleye’s menu,” he said. “And both the firetiger and perch patterns are great whenever walleyes are feeding on yellow perch.” 

All color patterns are accentuated by the Wally Shad’s bright red size 6 treble hooks.

Thelen also reports the Wally Shad’s tight-wiggling action draws strikes during cool-water conditions early and late in the open-water season. “It’s perfect during these periods, and whenever walleyes aren’t overly aggressive,” he explains.

The subtle wiggle is complimented by a subdued, high-pitched rattle system Thelen found ideal for attracting the attention of neutral walleyes and coaxing them to bite.

He also discovered that the Wally Shad worked wonders at midsummer as well. “It was very productive during the summer peak when trolled on leadcore over deep flats and basins,” he said.

Without additional weighting, the Wally Shad dives six feet on the cast and trolls down to 13 feet on 10-pound monofilament. Thelen notes the bait wiggles, rolls and runs true at speeds of 1.5 to 3.5 mph.

Announced last summer during the ICAST trade show, Lindy’s new Wally Shads are now available online and at fine tackle retailers across the Walleye Belt.