Toothy northern pike and sweet-tasting walleyes are two of Lindy Land’s favorite catches. This weekend on Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen shares guide-tested yet largely overlooked patterns that are guaranteed to put more of both species in your boat this season.

In the show’s first segment, Jon sets his sights on post-spawn pike lingering near shallow-water spawning areas. While many anglers patiently soak deadbaits in such situations, he takes a more aggressive tack, throwing spinnerbaits instead.

The strategy pays off, as the thump and flash of a slow-rolling spinnerbait are just the ticket to trigger hungry pike that are strapping on the feedbag before abandoning the shallows for the season. Watch as Jon shares tips on when, where and how you can put the system to work this spring on a lake near you.

Next up, Jon takes a hard look at one of summer’s most productive walleye structures—the feeding shelf.

Such shelves serve as underwater buffet lines throughout the warmer months. However, since walleyes often spread out in search of a meal, fast-moving presentations are the key to finding and catching the most fish possible on every trip.

Trolling is a fine way to tackle these wandering ’eyes, and Jon details a deadly spinner-rigging program that’s a perfect food shelf plan of attack.

Catch all the action this Saturday, Feb. 27 at 12:30 p.m. Central on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. And watch even more great Fish Ed action online at Lindy’s YouTube channel.