Portly yellow perch are prized catches anytime, and beloved by serious anglers across the Ice Belt.

Perch lures abound, and flashy favorites such as Lindy’s Frostee Spoon and Rattl’n Flyer Spoon are hard to beat — especially when trying to attract broad-shouldered jumbos cruising deep beneath a thick icy curtain.

As long as the fish are smoking spoons, there’s little reason to change. But when the bite slows — which probably means you hooked the most aggressive fish in the school — it’s time to downsize to a smaller presentation.

Lindy’s Tungsten Toad is a standout for sealing the deal with tight-lipped perch. It’s 86 percent more dense than lead, so it falls fast for its size — which is a big plus when you’re fishing deep water. But its small stature is ideal for tempting finicky fish.

Of the three available Toad options, the number 10 excels for perch applications. It weighs in at 1/16-ounce and sports a larger size 10 hook, which is perfect for the bony mouths of jumbo perch.

To tip a toad, simply nose-hook a single waxworm so it wiggles enticingly behind the hook. As far as jig strokes go, try tap-dancing it on bottom with subtle lift-fall motions of an inch or so, then slowly raise it a foot or two off bottom.

No offense to spoons, but a Tungsten Toad pounded and raised in such a manner will often trigger takes from fish that turned up their noses at flashier theatrics.