While you can often let conventional fishing wisdom guide you toward fish-catching tactics that best fit the conditions at hand, sometimes your best approach is throwing the traditional playbook out the window.

This weekend on Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen shares a pair of overlooked patterns for catching walleyes and pike that can help you out-fish anglers using standard tactics.

In the first installment, Jon tackles the summertime transition, when early season presentations like Lindy Rigs begin to give way to warm-water classics such as spinner rigs and crankbaits.

As Jon reveals, revolutionary hybrid rigs like the Lindy Lil’ Guy, which blend the strike-triggering qualities of all three of these presentations, can put more fish in the boat during this time of change. While he’s at it, Jon also shows us even more tricks for using these versatile and unique rigs to catch more walleyes all season long.

Jon follows up by tipping spring pike strategies upside down, as he shares a guide-tested system for casting crankbaits to post-spawn northern pike.

While more sedentary presentations like fishing deadbait rigs under a large Thill float are traditional fish catchers during this time frame, Jon reveals how working crankbait-casting tactics into the mix can help you catch even more pike on every trip.

Don’t miss a trick. Tune in this Saturday, Jan. 30 at 12:30 p.m. Central on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. And catch even more great Fish Ed action online at Lindy’s YouTube channel.