So far this season, Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s award-winning Fish Ed TV has taken ice-fishing fans on adventures across Lindy Land, and shared countless fish-catching tips and tricks in the process.

The saga continues this weekend, as the cameras catch up with host Jon Thelen and fellow Lindy guide Jeff Sundin as they’re hauling in crappies and sunfish from a fertile, midwinter weedline.

As Jon explains, healthy weedbeds are panfish magnets during the winter. And, while finding the best weeds and plucking plump panfish from the jungle can sometimes be a challenge — Jon and Jeff share a boatload of guide-tested secrets for icing weed-bound beauties on lakes across the Midwest.

When the garden party ends, Jon and his film crew set a course for legendary Lake of the Woods, where they enjoy world-class walleye action in the shadows of an approaching winter storm.

Join Jon as he explains how atmospheric pressure changes related to an incoming weather system can boost anglers’ catch rates into the stratosphere—and shows us how to adjust our tactics to take full advantage of the incredible action.

To catch it all, tune in to FOX Sports Wisconsin and FOX Sports North this Saturday, Dec. 26 at 8:30 a.m.

And to enjoy even more great Fish Ed tips, tricks and adventures online, visit Lindy’s YouTube channel.