With a warm front bearing down on Lindy Land this week, thoughts of open-water adventures are easy to entertain, even while we’re jigging up fish on the ice.

As you gear up for spring and summer, don’t forget to stock up on fish-catching crankbaits like Lindy’s new Rally Fish. One of three great new cranks Lindy unveiled last summer at the American Sportfishing Association’s annual ICAST trade show - along with the Wally Shad and Wally Demon - the Rally Fish sports a longer, more slender profile than its siblings and excels at raiding deep water.

Lindy pro staffer and Fish Ed TV host Jon Thelen put prototypes of the Rally Fish to work under a variety of conditions, and says the 3½-inch, 3/8-ounce bait runs 26 feet on the troll and 12 feet on the cast.

“Summer through fall, it’s great for targeting walleyes cruising deep structure and flats,” he said. “It’s also deadly on other predators including smallmouth bass and pike.”

Thelen also likes the Rally Fish’s beefy profile, which is a bit stouter than most stickbaits.

“It gives hungry walleyes the impression that this is a big meal worth chasing,” he explained.

Thelen noted the bait has a provocative action that works wonders on a straight troll.

“But don’t be afraid to spice things up with pauses, twitches and pulls,” he added..

Added amenities include razor-sharp, size 4 red hooks and pitch-perfect rattles that attract and trigger nearby gamefish.

Plus, a palette of 11 color patterns let you match the hatch and elicit strikes in any conditions, so don’t be shy about stocking the tackle box with a variety of patterns to put more fish in the boat on every trip.