When Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle unveiled a new smaller sized Perch Talker, serious perch fans took notice. And sure enough, the 1/16-ounce version of the breakout jigging lure is taking jumbo perch by storm on lakes across the Ice Belt.

“We’ve been crushing them so far this winter,” veteran guide Jason Feldner, who operates Perch-Eyes Outfitters in North Dakota’s Devils Lake region, said.

Sporting a series of colorful brass beads and discs, Perch Talkers generate a fine mix of flash, sound, color and water displacement that combine to call perch from a distance.

Each Perch Talker is also equipped with a sticky red treble dangling on a dropper chain — offering the perfect place to impale a variety of live and artificial tippings. For his part, Feldner favors a minnow head — hooked through the lips and pinched off right behind the gills.

So far Feldner has been focused on shallow, mud-bottomed bays in smaller lakes in the area.

“The weather hasn’t been cold enough to push perch into the main basins, so we’re still getting good numbers of fish in 10 to 12 feet of water," he said.

Weedgrowth isn’t a factor in attracting perch, but Feldner says a soft bottom rich in insect life is key, as are clouds of succulent freshwater shrimp.

“Perch are roaming the shallow flats in small groups, so I set up shop in one spot and use a Perch Talker call the fish in,” he explained.

Toward that end, he begins his patented “shimmy-shake” presentation by aggressively working the lure about a foot above bottom until fish show up on sonar.

“Then I drop it closer to bottom and slow things down, moving the rodtip up and down in half-inch increments — just enough to flutter the minnow head,” he said.

If perch look but don’t bite, he slowly raises the Perch Talker higher in the water column. Often, this triggers a few fish to rise to the occasion and compete for a shot at the bait.

Feldner’s Perch Talker pattern isn’t just for jumbos the Devils Lake area. Try it yourself and enjoy perch success on a lake near you.