Long weekends and week-long adventures on the ice are great, but more often than not, the time constraints of daily life make such epic adventures tough to pull off.

Thankfully, opportunities abound for enjoying quick trips that produce plenty of great fishing for a variety of species.

One classic example is the early evening walleye bite. With a little planning and prep, you can zip out for a couple of hours around sunset and hit some of the day’s best walleye action.

Organizing your arsenal ahead of time is key, so you can head for the ice on a moment’s notice—rather than waste precious fishing time wrangling gear.

On the tackle front, a small bug-out bag stocked with a solid selection of go-to walleye lures like Lindy Darters, Rattl’n Flyer Spoons, 360 Jigs, Frostees and Perch Talkers is perfect. Throw in a few Thill floats and other essential terminal tackle and you’re ready to go.

When you get to the lake, focus on small shelves and stairsteps along breaklines that funnel hungry ’eyes toward their twilight feeding grounds.

Where two lines are legal, actively work a lure in one hole while soaking a live minnow under a bobber in the other. The jigging presentation calls walleyes in, while the live bait triggers takes from incoming fish that look but don’t bite.

By following this quick-trip program, it’s possible to score great catches of eater-sized fish — along with the occasional trophy — on walleye waters all over Lindy Land this winter.