Gliding or swimming style jigs are often considered among the most aggressive lures you can fish in the wintertime. As a result, many anglers limit their use to the most aggressive predators, such as lake trout or northern pike, and tie them on only when these eating machines are on the hunt.

But the truth is, these versatile jigs also excel for a variety of less aggressive species and can work wonders during a tough bite.

Lindy pro and veteran iceman Jeff Sundin said one glider in particular — the Lindy Foo Flyer — has become one of his go-to ice lures all winter long. “It has proven itself so many times for walleyes and perch, it’s really become one of my confidence baits,” he said.

With a flattened head that creates a gliding, swimming action on the fall — while dramatically slowing the lure’s descent—jigs like the Foo Flyer can literally swim circles around other jig styles. You can also pound and scoot them on bottom; in fact, the potential theatrics are limited only by your imagination.

“I love that I can cover water when I have to,” Sundin said. “But I can also slow down and stop the jig, so the fish has a chance to make up its mind about it. I can even deadstick a Foo Flyer and let the minnow do all the work.”

Gliding lures work with whole minnows and a variety of soft-plastic tippings, including the Lindy Watsit Grub. Sundin says he often fishes a whole minnow when tracking down walleyes, and likes the way it encourages finicky fish to nibble at the bait until the hook is in position for a sure set.

“When you get a bite, you don’t have to hit the fish right away,” he says. “In fact, it’s often better to wait the fish out and give it a little bit of time to inch its way up the minnow to the jig.”

Available in a rainbow of colors and range of sizes appropriate for everything from pike to panfish, Foo Flyers deserve better than being relegated only to extreme duty for top-end predators. So take Sundin’s advice and add a few to your arsenal, then work them into your game plans for active and tough-bite fish alike.