Trolling is a top tactic for catching walleyes when schools scatter across large stretches of structure or cover—provided you play your cards right.

This week on Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s award-winning Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen shows us how to tackle two of trolling’s toughest challenge— and win!

First up, Jon faces a common summertime scenario. When baitfish become so abundant that hungry ’eyes don’t need their schoolmates’ help rounding up a meal, they often spread out across prime feeding areas.

Watch as Jon breaks out a guide-tested trolling pattern you can use on lakes near you this season to track down and catch these marble-eyed wanderers.

In the show’s second installment, Jon shares insight on how matching the hatch with lures that mimic the lake’s forage base can be a trip-saver when walleyes are focused on a particular type of baitfish.

As Jon explains, color is a key concern. But size and shape are also important to fooling these sharp-eyed predators and triggering strikes in the process.

With nearly 300 minnow species in North America and a host of other baitfish potentially on the menu, patterning the bite can be intimidating.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a fisheries biologist to figure out what the fish are eating. Jon also shares bonus tips on where to find information on your lake’s forage base, so you can create fish-catching presentations to match it.

Don’t miss this chance to take your trolling tactics to new heights this season. Tune in this Saturday, Jan. 23 at 12:30 p.m. Central on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. And catch even more great Fish Ed action online at Lindy’s YouTube channel.