No matter where you wet a line in Lindy Land, figuring out the critical details of location and presentation can help you catch more fish.

This weekend on Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s acclaimed Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen shares two prime examples of how paying attention to such details can help you catch more walleyes and crappies this season.

In the first installment, Jon breaks the color barrier for walleyes, showing us how to choose the right hues and patterns for the conditions at hand.

Color concerns are a big deal if you like putting fish in the boat. Our marble-eyed friends have excellent vision, which makes choosing the right lure color a key to success in many situations.

While choosing colors can be intimidating, Jon makes it easy with time-tested tricks. Years of guiding have taught him that finding the right color is an ongoing process. Variations in water clarity, light penetration and the mood of the fish can cause the most productive colors to change on a seasonal, daily and even hourly basis.

Jon follows up with an overlooked prespawn crappie pattern that works wonders across the Midwest.

Serious panfish fans know crappies move shallow to feed and spawn each spring. But few of even the savviest anglers take full advantage of the great fishing available when hungry slabs stack up in staging areas just offshore.

Watch as Jon and fellow Lindy guide Jeff Sundin reveal how emerging weedbeds flush with baitfish can attract hordes of hungry prespawn crappies. When slabs invade the salad, the result is one of springtime’s best bites.

Don’t miss a minute of the action. Tune in this Saturday, Feb. 13 at 12:30 p.m. Central on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. And catch even more award-winning Fish Ed programming online at Lindy’s YouTube channel.