Whether your goal is putting slab crappies, toothy pike, portly perch or hungry walleyes on the ice this winter, the Lindy Slick Jig deserves a place in your bag of tricks.

Thanks to its weight-forward design and unique banana-shaped profile, the horizontal-hanging leadhead shines in a variety of situations for predators of all sizes.

For example, it’s an excellent option for head-down, bottom-pounding presentations that trigger tight-lipped walleyes to bite— especially when you slide the knot toward the rear of the line tie and cinch it down tight.

But the Slick Jig’s playlist doesn’t end there.

If you center the knot midway on the line tie, the jig adopts a more horizontal attitude in the water column. Positioned in such a manner, it’s the perfect delivery system for live bait and soft-plastic trailers alike.

One deadly option is tipping a panfish-sized Slick Jig with a small minnow rigged to rest on its side. Simply run the hook into the mouth, out one gill and through the side about midway down body near the dorsal fin.

Gently lifting and dropping the jig makes the minnow undulate in a most tantalizing manner, and is a dynamite presentation for big crappies, saugers and walleyes.

You can also impale a baitfish through the mouth and out the top of the skull or slightly farther back, for standard bottom-pecking and swimming theatrics.

Artificial softbaits such as Lindy Watsit Grubs and Watsit Ice Jig bodies also excel on a Slick Jig. Again, subtly shimmying and hovering the jig is often enough to push tight-lipped fish over the edge.

When active fish want more action, you can snap the rodtip to make the Slick Jig dart off to the side, then let it swim seductively back to center.

To meet all your hardwater needs, Slick Jigs are available in sizes from 1/32-ounce Micro up to 1/4-ounce. They also come in a rainbow of colors ranging from baitfish-mimicking patterns such as Silver Shiner and Purple Smelt to the phosphorescent Green Glow, which is a multispecies killer in low-light conditions.

One final thought: While Slick Jigs are undeniably deadly through the ice, their uses also extend into open water. So don’t pack them away when winter’s over. Keep them on hand year-round to catch more fish on every trip.