The end of August might seem like a strange time to talk about busting shallow-water bluegills around docks, but Lindy pro staffer Al Standly can attest to the fact that in the right situations, it’s a great way to load the livewell right now.

“We took the grandkids out for a little fun fishing over the weekend and found plenty of fish hanging around docks in four to six feet of water,” he reported.

Standly and entourage were fishing a shallow lake south of Minnesota’s Twin Cities metro area.

“It’s basically a big bowl, with very little structure, that’s 14 feet at the deepest,” he said.

Docks sweetened by a little weed growth were especially good, he noted.

“We pretty much cruised the shoreline, throwing bobber rigs under docks and pontoons,” he adds.

Standly’s simple yet deadly setup included a small Thill float, 4-pound mono and a Lindy Ice Jig or Ice Worm tipped with a worm or chunk of nightcrawler.

“You really had to pay attention because sometimes the fish wouldn’t take the bobber all the way down — you’d just see it roll,” he said.

While some panfish purists consider late-summer docks the land of silver dollar sunnies, Standly said more than a few decent-sized ’gills also call such man-made structure home.

“You did have to weed through a lot of 3- to 5-inchers, but we caught some 7s and a couple of 8s,” he said.

All in all, Standly says the pattern is a great way to connect budding anglers with plenty of action and still put enough keepers in the boat for a final summer fish fry.