Whether you’re fishing on the ice or open water, it’s easy to play it safe and follow the crowd. But adventurous anglers who dare to test new waters and experiment with different techniques often outfish those who chart a conservative course.

This week on an all-new episode of Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen reveals two of Lindy Land’s most overlooked walleye opportunities.

The first is a dynamite weedbed pattern that flies in the face of conventional wisdom, and it hinges on lightly fished near-shore weeds. While it’s true that many walleyes migrate offshore when food and habitat are right, a certain percentage of a lake’s fish invariably stay behind, patrolling lush vegetation that offers food and shelter.

As a result, many Midwest walleye fans who target deep offshore structure end up driving right past fish-rich salad bars flush with baitfish and hungry ’eyes. To help break this cycle, Jon reveals how to find the best fishing areas, and shares simple yet deadly, guide-tested tricks for trolling up these weedbed walleyes.

In the show’s second segment, Jon shatters the myth that crankbaits only catch walleyes during the summertime.

It’s a widely held misconception. But in truth, cranks also work wonders on walleyes much earlier and later in the open-water season.

Watch as Jon puts together a surefire trolling system that produces banner catches of springtime walleyes — including tips on location and presentation you don’t want to miss.

To catch all the action, tune in Saturday at 8:30 a.m. Central on FOX Sports Wisconsin and FOX Sports North.