By Bob Bohland

Jumbo perch.

They can be the most frustrating prey when the small ones keep pecking off and stealing your bait, but at the same time they can provide incredibly fun fishing opportunities when the big ones are hitting.

Putting a pile of jumbos on the ice is sure to put a smile on your face, that is, if you can overcome the nearly constant issue of keeping the little ones off your line. Northern Minnesota guide Jeff Sundin uses a take-no-prisoner attitude when it comes to mid-season perch. He adds some flash and spin in the form of the 360 Jig.

“I prefer to fish heavier baits than most when I am after perch,” he said, “My starting point for size is 1/4 ounce in the 360 Jig. It allows me to get down there fast and get those bigger aggressive fish right away.”
Sundin likes to get aggressive immediately when it comes to perch. He drops the bait down, gives it a few aggressive pops and then lets the 360 fall on slack line. As the jig falls, it will continue to produce the flash and motion that perch key in on.

“I like to pop it 3 to 4 feet up before I let it drop,” Sundin said. “That really calls them in with that vibration, and the color change as it falls provides an extra incentive.”

The larger perch don't get to be that size by being finicky, so when you put a large food offering in front of them, they are more than willing to inhale it.

If you are looking for the kind of perch that fold up when put in a 5-gallon bucket, upsize your presentation like Jeff does.

“I don't see a reason to go toe-to-toe with every perch in the lake -- it's a waste of time, I want to catch the legitimate jumbos!”