Leadhead jigs tipped with a mix of meat and plastic are deadly on late fall and early winter walleyes in lakes and river systems across Lindy Land.

Pinpointing fish location is job one, and baitfish are often key to finding walleyes in both still and flowing water.
In rivers, classic hotspots include necked down areas that funnel the flow (especially in years with a slack current), as well as channel edges, current seams, current breaks along the shorelines below dams, and feeding areas associated with deeper holes.

In lakes, steep structure such as fast-breaking points and sharp breaklines linking deep water to shallower feeding areas can be gold mines. And don’t overlook humps that rise out of deep water to top out 20 or more feet below the surface.
Shallower windswept structure such as main-lake points (topping out about 4 feet deep) with easy access to deeper water can also be dynamite when a healthy walleye chop reduces light penetration while delivering slightly warmer surface water.
Top jig choices in all such areas include the iconic Lindy Fuzz-E-Grub, along with the Lindy Watsit, in 1/8- to ¼-ounce weights, tipped with a 3-inch rainbow chub.

Tailor your jigging moves to the situation at hand. When fishing a deep hump, for example, a lift-fall-jiggle-pause-lift cadence could be the ticket. But snappier routines that jump the jig 18 inches off bottom, then let it pendulum down on a semi-tight line, get the nod when fancasting points.

Icing Tough Bite Panfish

Lindy’s Fish Ed TV continues its ice fishing coverage this Saturday at 8:30 a.m. on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. In this week’s episode, host Jon Thelen reveals guide-tested secrets to help you catch slab crappies and jumbo perch when other anglers can’t.

In the show’s first installment, Jon looks at first-ice crappies. While early winter is often considered a magical time when crappies come easy across the Midwest, tough bites can be the rule until fish adjust to the dark, quiet world around them. Watch as Jon outlines the adjustments he makes in location, tactics and approach to catch crappies when the wind dies and the lights go out.

Jon follows up with advice on tackling cold front perch. Small to mid-sized yellow perch are often less affected by cold fronts than other game fish. But jumbo perch tend to behave more like walleyes, turning up their noses at presentations they inhaled just a few hours earlier. Don’t miss a trick as Jon offers insight into how to find and catch the Midwest’s biggest perch, even after a passing cold front puts the brakes on a hot bite.

Remember, catch all this action this Saturday at 8:30 a.m. on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin.