By Dan Johnson

As February wears on, walleyes in Wisconsin’s mighty Lake Winnebago system are beginning to gravitate toward their springtime spawning areas. Areas where the migration pauses offer ice anglers excellent opportunities at fast action.

Lindy pro staffer and veteran walleye guide Jason Muche reports that walleyes are already gathering in predictable places in Lake Poygan near the mouth of the Wolf River.

“Anglers who are mobile and keep searching for active fish are doing well right now, especially during the morning and evening,” he says. “We’re seeing some of the big females in the 26- and 27-inch range moving up from Lake Winnebago, plus a lot of fish in the 13- to 18-inch range.”

Top spots include: 7 to 9 feet of water along the edges and toward the center of Horseshoe Hole; 6 to 8 feet of water off Indian Point; and 5-foot depths in Norwegian Bay, Muche says.

Since three lines are legal, Muche punches a trio of holes over a likely area.

“I drop a deadstick line in the right and left holes, with a small shiner minnow hooked through the middle of the back on a Lindy Frostee Jigging Spoon,” he says, noting that the bait is suspended a foot off bottom beneath a small Thill float.

The center line is reserved for active jigging.

“Perch-colored Lindy Darters have been hot lately,” he says. “Jig them halfway up the water column and then let them swim back down. Perch Talkers are also good, as are Frostee Jigging Spoons tipped with a minnow head.”

Muche notes that the walleyes are running in packs of three to five fish.

“When a group moves through, it’s easy to put several fish on ice in a few minutes,” he says. “When things slow down, it’s time to move on. As long as you avoid the crowds and keep moving, you’ll find another pod of fish.”