Thill Pro Series Slip Floats are designed, battle tested and proven effective by some of the best pros and guides in the business. This versatile lineup features five sizes—small, medium, large, XL and XXL, in weighted and unweighted versions—to cover every slip-float application for most every species that swims in fresh water. These floats can deal with many inshore costal species, too.

Body diameters range from ½ inch to a full inch to match various conditions and baiting options. The top stem features a brass grommet for trouble-free line passage and superior line protection. Weighted options stand the float without additional sinkers, allowing baits a slower fall and more freedom of movement. Black enamel on bottom hides Pro Series floats from fish, while the high-vis tops are easy to see in waves and rough water.

Walleyes, crappies, bluegills, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, saugers, white bass, stripers, salmon, lake trout, splake, sea trout, red fish, salmon, steelhead, brown trout, perch, white bass, cutthroat trout, brook trout, catfish, carp, suckers, bluefish, bullheads, suckers (and anything else that swims).

(LEFT: Unweighted Pro Series. RIGHT: Weighted Pro Series)

Thill Pro Series Slip Floats are classic line-though-center sliding floats that require a bobber stop on the main line above the float. Add enough split shot to the line 18- to 20-inches above the bait to balance it so the water line is right at the red line.

To create a slower drop or to allow baits like crawlers, leeches, or minnows more freedom of movement.  Rigged properly, the float should stand upright with the water line just reaching the red line around the body of the float.

Fishing Tactic:
Pro Series Slip Floats can carry big hunks of skein through deep pools full of king salmon, drift chunks of sucker meat over tangles of wood for huge catfish, suspend dainty baited jigs for bluegills, hover shrimp over trout-infested inshore flats, dangle spawn bags for big browns, splake, or steelhead in harbor areas, hold small minnows over key spots 30 feet down for slab crappies—the sky’s the limit.

If suspending bait at a key depth in the water column is the goal, a Pro Series Slip Float is the right tool. Just match the size of the float to the species and the conditions—especially wind, wave action, and current. The rougher it is, the bigger the diameter of the body should be.

Every kind of still-water application from ponds to inshore ocean flats, and every condition from calm to windy. Pro Series Slip Floats also excel in slow to moderate current conditions in rivers and flowages of all sizes.

Time Of Year:
Year around in open water.

When spooky fish are looking up but won’t hit topwater baits, use a weighted Thill Pro-Series Slip Float. Weighted versions eliminate the need for sinkers on the rig. Use a short 2-foot leader below the float and tail-hook a lively redtail chub or shiner with a size #1/0 to #3/0 shiner hook. Unable to go down, the minnow will rise. Vivid strikes will be accompanied by a violent boil on top.