The Thill Gold Medal Mini Shy Bite is a super-sensitive float designed for open-water and  ice fishing. Available in two sizes (2 ½ and 3 1/8 inches), the high-quality balsa wood in the Mini Shy Bite suspends a little more weight than other floats of its size. The long cylindrical shape provides almost zero resistance on the take, making the Mini Shy Bite extremely sensitive. The larger model is perfectly matched with 1/16-ounce of weight—either a 1/32-ounce jig with a 1/32-ounce split shot or two split shot with a light hook. The smaller version will stand with the weight of a 1/64-ounce jig or weighted fly and acts as a strike indicator on set lines or fly lines. Add a Thill F2 Swivel Adapter to the bottom to convert it into a ultrasensitive mini slip float.

Bluegills, crappies, whitefish, perch, ciscoes, trout, smelt, baitfish.

The Mini Shy Bite is a fixed float that slides on the line to establish the depth of a jig or hook. Two silicone sleeves are provided, one for the top stem and one for the bottom. Add a Thill F2 Swivel Adapter to the bottom to convert it to slip float. Use just enough weight to submerge all but the colorful top portion of the float. Mini Shy Bite is a perfect pole float in clear, open water when finicky fish demand tiny, slow-dropping baits. Place one to four tiny split shot on the line 6 to 18 inches above a size #12 to size #8 Aberdeen hook or 1/100- to 1/32-ounce jig, and bait with tiny crappie minnows, wax worms, crickets, or garden worms. Best with 1- to 6-lb mono or fluorocarbon lines.

Fishing Tactic:
On long ultralight- or light-power spinning rods, use the Mini Shy Bite to dap (drop vertically) into weed pockets, around isolated weed clumps, beside docks, or anywhere panfish are concentrated but demanding light line and a slow drop. Bigger floats demand more sinkers, and the more rigging applied, the more spooky fish might respond. Reach out, drop the rig over key spots, and let it drop slowly into place. While not designed for  casting, the Mini Shy Bite rigs can be pitched short distances, becoming especially effective for prespawn and spawning pan fish. When making short casts with a fly rod to pocket water or short broken-water runs for trout, the smaller Mini Shy Bite makes a great strike indicator with weighted nymphs and no other weight, or egg imitations coupled with a small split shot.

Open but protected or calm water in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. As a fly-line strike indicator, use on flat- to lightly broken surfaces of small streams for trout, baitfish, or whitefish.

Time Of Year:
Spring through fall for dapping and fly fishing, ice fishing with F2 Swivel Adapter applied.

With ultralight spinning equipment and 1- to 2-lb line, the Mini Shy Bite can be pitched to spawning crappies and bluegills with weighted flies or tiny ice jigs. Split shot can be added to stand the float or achieve greater distance, but only when necessary. Panfish can’t resist the slow fall of a weighted panfish fly with no weight attached. When fish simply inhale the fly without moving (typical of spawning panfish), the Mini Shy Bite will stand or twitch.