The waggler-style float is essential when a bait must be suspended and kept over a key spot on windy days. Thill Gold Medal TG Wagglers and TG Bodied Wagglers have long stems with a thicker bulb base set lower on the stem where the line connects to the float. This design provides excellent flotation while catching less wind. When weighted properly, only the colorful top of the thin stem protrudes above the surface, leaving the wind almost no surface area to affect.

Thill TG Wagglers are available in three sizes (all 7-1/2-inches in length but with different body diameters), and are built to suspend 1/8-ounce to 3/16-ounce presentations. Thill TG Bodied Wagglers are offered in 3 lengths 6 ½, 7, and 8 1/8 inches and can support 1/8- to ¼-ounce presentations. The largest versions are designed for bigger baits, big water and rough conditions, and the smaller for calmer waters and smaller baits.

Walleyes, crappies, bluegills, perch, bass, whitefish, pickerel, trout, carp, white bass, catfish.


Wagglers can be rigged as slip or fixed floats. Line slides through the eye at the bottom of the stem. In water deeper than the length of the rod, slide on a bobber stop ahead of the float. In shallower water, take two tiny Thill Soft Shot and pinch one immediately above the eye and the other below, fixing the float at a predetermined spot on the line. A bobber stop can be used ahead of the float, too, but 1/8- to 3/8-ounces of weight (depending on model chosen) will be required in the form of shot or clip-on sinkers to stand and balance the float. Stand the float so only the bright colors at the top of the stem are visible above water.


Fishing Tactic:
Wagglers are used to target specific spots like rockpiles, points in a weedline, brushpiles, boulders, inside turns on a contour and other small areas that concentrate fish on windy days. Cast the rig beyond the target and slowly reel it back to the key spot. Match size #10 to size #6 Aberdeen hooks to crappie minnows, waxworms, crickets, leeches, or small plastics for whitefish and panfish. Snell on size #8 to size #1 octopus-style hooks for leeches, crawlers, or minnows for walleyes, bass, and other predators. Use specialized carp hooks to present boilies, crawlers, and corn.

Use wagglers in still water—lakes, ponds, and reservoirs—on windy days when standard slip floats are pushed along too fast, leaving fish no time to find the bait.

Time Of Year:
Any time in open water.

When a fish is pulled off a key spot—such as a boulder on the tip of a reef—another fish is certain to take its place. Placing a Lindy Marker buoy near that location but not directly on top of it allows you to make repeated casts to the same spot.