When portly yellow perch are on the bite, flashy ice fishing favorites such as Lindy’s legendary Frostee Spoon and Rattl’n Flyer Spoon are hard to beat for attracting and triggering hungry jumbos.

There’s little reason to retie while the fish are crushing spoons. But when the action slows, downsizing to a smaller presentation can help you squeeze more bites from the school below.

Known for icing bull bluegills and slab crappies, Lindy’s Tungsten Toad is also a standout for making tight-lipped perch take the bait.

It offers multiple attributes. For starters, Tungsten Toads are 86 percent more dense than lead, so they fall fast for their size. This is a big plus when perching deep water, but the Toad’s small stature also makes it a standout for tempting finicky jumbos.

Another bonus, the number 10 Tungsten Toad sports a size 10 hook, which is ideal for penetrating a big perch’s bony mouth. The jig is three-quarters of an inch long, weighs 1/16-ounce, and balances perfectly with a plump waxworm or small artificial softbait.

When tipping a Toad, hardwater experts like Fish ED host Jon Thelen recommend nose-hooking a single waxie so it wiggles seductively behind the hook.

Tungsten Toads offer yet another advantage when perch attack. The hook is offset 10 degrees, so the bait hangs horizontally with the hook point fully exposed for rock-solid hookups.

When going toe to toe with tough-bite perch, try tap-dancing the Toad on bottom with subtle lift-falls of an inch or so. Then slowly raise the jig a foot or two off bottom and brace for battle.