Panfish jigs come in all shapes and sizes, and most anglers know that carrying a variety of options helps them enjoy consistent success, no matter the conditions or mood of the fish.

One of the most overlooked but decidedly deadly designs is the glider-style jig. Such heads feature a flattened head, which creates a swimming, gliding action on the fall and helps slow the lure’s descent.

Lindy’s popular Foo Flyer is a prime example of a fish-catching glider. It works wonders on a variety of panfish when sweetened with natural or artificial tippings (like a Lindy Watsit).

Benefits of glider-style jigs include the ability to extend your reach when fishing from a fixed position. In fact, veteran Northwoods guide and Lindy pro staffer Jeff Sundin says they’re just the ticket for attracting hungry panfish and making them bite.

However, he cautions there’s an art to maximizing a Foo Flyer’s fish-calling capabilities. “If you jig it like a spoon or let it fall on a slack line, it won’t live up to its full potential,” he said. “Instead, keep your line tight while making a series of aggressive jig strokes. This keeps the jig swimming around in a circle.”

 When Sundin’s sonar reveals curious panfish sliding in for a closer look, the guide tones things down, allowing the Foo Flyer to settle below the hole. To trigger strikes, he barely twitches the rodtip from side to side. “The motion is not unlike wagging your finger when you’re scolding someone,” he explained, noting that such subtle manipulation causes the tipping to wiggle seductively, while the Foo Flyer’s body hovers horizontally.

Foo Flyers catch all types of panfish, but Sundin says the 1/8-ounce version is particularly effective on jumbo perch and slab crappies—especially when tipped with a Watsit. “They’re also deadly on winter walleyes,” he added. “But that’s a story for another day.”

Find Walleyes Fast

Finding walleyes is half the battle to catching them. This weekend on Lindy’s Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen tackles two common yet misunderstood factors that affect walleye location on lakes and rivers across the Midwest. Tune in this Saturday morning at 8:30 on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin as Jon shares strategies for playing the wind in shallow water, then keys on forage to find fish fast.