Jigs, crankbaits, Lindy Rigs, spinners and other types of fishing tackle are only as effective as your ability to keep them organized and ready to fish allows them to be.

Disorder makes it hard to find the lures and rigs you need, when you need them. And like it or not, time spent tracking down lost tackle and fighting hellish tangles is time you won’t spend reeling in fish.

Whether you’re prepping for your next fishing adventure or reaching for a new lure on the water, organized gear makes it easier to get the job done, fast.

In fact, a well-organized tackle arsenal even makes it easier to go fishing in the first place, improving your odds of fishing more often, catching more fish, and having more fun.

Like a sock drawer or work bench, fishing tackle won’t organize itself. It takes a little elbow grease to maintain law and order. Fortunately, a number of great products can help you wrangle gear.

Lindy Fishing Tackle’s Lindy Rigger X-Treme is a prime example. Cloaked in hook-friendly, high-density foam, the cylindrical Rigger is ideal for keeping unruly rigs and snells organized and tangle-free. It’s easy to use, too. Simply wrap snells around the Rigger and they stay put until you need them.

Lindy Rigger X-Tremes also contain a waterproof internal compartment with six interlocking, hard-plastic storage containers for storing sinkers, beads, hooks and other key components. And they float, so fears of lost tackle should a Rigger go over the rail are unfounded.

Lure wraps are handy, too. They keep lures under control when tied on your line but not in use. Just be sure to choose reliable options like Lindy’s Lure Wraps, which grip lures tight even in rough conditions and high-speed travel.

On the rod front, Lindy’s lineup of reel shields, rod socks, rod bags and totes makes it easy to protect your investments during transport, both on the road and over the waves. Check them out at LindyFishingTackle.com.

Ice Capades

If you’re hankering for colder weather and the arrival of ice fishing season, check out Lindy’s Fish Ed TV this Saturday at 8:30 a.m. on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. The show kicks off an eight-week run of ice fishing coverage as host Jon Thelen outlines the finer points of winter bluegill fishing, then shows us how to engage finicky crappies caught in the teeth of an approaching cold front.