All across Lindy Land, from the High Plains to the Great Lakes, a number of different factors affect

walleye location throughout the year.

This weekend on Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle’s acclaimed Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen solves two of

the most challenging locational mysteries you’re likely to face in the Midwest this season.

One deals with water levels—specifically, high water.

Such conditions are a fact of life right now on many reservoir systems, such as those along the Missouri

River and others scattered throughout the region. But a rising tide can also be an issue wherever

snowmelt or heavy rains flood river backwaters and natural lakes.

To give us a leg up on high-water walleyes, Jon joins fellow Lindy guide Brent Kemnitz on North and

South Dakota’s mighty Lake Oahe, where rebounding water levels are causing ’eyes to show up in

unusual places. Together, they flesh out a surefire system you can use to catch fish fast on

impoundments around the Midwest.

The other challenge Jon tackles is post-spawn walleye location. In many fisheries, tracking down

migratory ’eyes during their annual travels is no easy matter. Schools of fish can be here today, gone

tomorrow as they shift from the spawning grounds toward their summer ranges.

One of Jon’s go-to tricks for staying on the bite is targeting walleyes that have just made their first big

move away from the bank. Watch as he breaks down the key details of location and presentation that

can help you turn a tough early season bite into a banner day on the water.

To catch all the action, tune in this Saturday, Feb. 6 at 12:30 p.m. Central on Fox Sports North and Fox

Sports Wisconsin. And dial in even more great Fish Ed programming online at Lindy’s YouTube channel.