If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to put autumn walleyes in the boat, it’s hard to beat Lindy Rigging. The time-tested method of presenting live bait in a natural manner works wonders all fall.

When rigging up for the seasonal reap, be sure to choose your sinker wisely.

Sliding sinkers are the key to keeping your rig in front of the fish, yet allowing walleyes to run with the bait. Top sliding sinker options include the Lindy Walking Sinker, which comes standard with the company’s Original Lindy Rig and other stock setup — as well as the banana-shaped Lindy No-Snagg Slip Sinker.

Lindy pro and Fish ED TV host Jon Thelen offers his thoughts on selecting the right style sliding sinker for the conditions at hand. “I fish Lindy Rigs with walking sinkers right out of the package over a variety of bottom types,” said the veteran guide and tournament competitor.

“But, when fishing rocky bottoms, the No-Snagg is the ticket,” he continued. “Its unique design skips over most rocks, and rarely hangs up, even when I pause the rig to give hesitant walleyes time to bite.”

 If his rig does get stuck, Thelen immediately lets the line go slack. “The buoyant balsa inside the No-Snagg makes the sinker stand up, so I can easily pop it free and keep right on fishing,” he explained.

Use these tips to slide the right weight on your line the next time you hit the water for a little fall Lindy Rigging.