By Dan Johnson

Skinny water holds fat walleyes on the lower St. Louis River right now. Local guide and Lindy pro-staffer Charlie Nelson reports anglers have been trolling up big catches this week from just three feet of water.

“It’s been incredible,” he says. “On Wednesday, for example, we had 25 walleyes for the day, including a 29-incher, plus a 25, a 24 and a couple more over 20.”

Top presentations include pulling Lindy Crawler Harnesses and Lil’ Guys 1.1 to 1.3 mph 25 feet behind planer boards. Key depths in sheltered bays and other shallow sweet spots range from just 3½ to 4 feet.

“They’re smashing River Rockers, too,” he adds, explaining that size 5 baits in shades of gold and black have excelled when trolled about 1.5 mph, either long-lined or 25 feet behind a board.

Nelson says the St. Louis is running relatively clean at the moment, unlike a number of other waterways across Lindy Land. For example, the Mississippi River at St. Paul rose five feet virtually overnight after recent rains, while stretches of the upper river such as Lake Pokegama at Grand Rapids are also churned up and bursting their banks.

Slab crappies were also providing entertainment on the St. Louis River, Nelson notes. “Flooded woody cover in no more than three feet of water was producing some very nice-sized fish this week,” he says. Top crappie presentations include a 1/32-ounce Lindy Watsit Jig, 1/8-ounce Watsit Spin and minnows fished under Thill Wobble Bobbers or Mini Shy Bite floats.

Nelson expects both bites to remain good throughout the weekend. “Water temperatures are 60 to 63 degrees right now and I don’t see that changing much in the next few days,” he says.