Savvy anglers know that outside-the-box approaches sometimes out-produce traditional tactics. Case in point: getting aggressive when everyone else is finessing hard-to-catch walleyes.

This weekend on an all-new episode of Fish Ed TV, host Jon Thelen reveals an unusually aggressive strategy for tracking down wayward walleyes and making them bite.

While there’s no doubt that slow-paced presentations can produce fish during a tough bite, when the fish scatter, such tactics can make for a long day on the water.

To reduce the time between bite, Jon rolls out high-octane “road-hunting” tactics tailor-made for finding and force-feeding wandering ’eyes.

The action doesn’t stop there, however. Jon also details a must-see pattern for catching broad-shouldered bluegills on the cusp of the spawn.

Here’s how it works: When the spring feeding frenzy fades, most panfish fans focus on spawning areas. But as Jon shows us, pre-spawn staging areas can help you get a jump on the action before bluegills hit the beds.

Catch all the action this Saturday, March 19 at 12:30 p.m. Central on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin. And watch even more great Fish Ed action online at Lindy’s YouTube channel - where you can find select full-length TV episodes online.