Jigs are deadly weapons year-round for a variety of gamefish. So whether you’re winding down the ice season or enjoying open-water adventures this weekend, choosing the right jig for the job can help you catch more fish.

Head design is an important consideration, since the shape of the head determines much about how the jig moves through the water and reacts to your jig strokes.

Popular fish-catching options include the traditional ball-head of a Lindy Fuzz-E-Grub or Watsit, along with glider-style jigs like the Lindy Foo Flyer and the compact, weight-forward design of the Lindy Live Bait Jig.

A number of head styles are designed to imitate insects and other types of forage. They include segmented choices like the horizontal-hanging Lindy Ice Worm and vertically hanging Lindy Frostee, along with numerous other adaptations like the Lindy Bug and Toad.

Often overlooked but not to be forgotten is the banana-style jig head, which features an elongated body and weight-forward design perfect for bottom pounding and gliding maneuvers. Lindy’s Slick Jig and Micro Slick Jig are prime examples.

Banana jigs are best tipped with a full minnow or artificial trailer long enough to balance the head horizontally and maximize the trailer’s fluttering capabilities.

Lindy pro and ace Northwoods guide Jeff Sundin says the Slick Jig is a great choice for early open water perch fishing. “Tipped with a skull-hooked fathead, it works really well for pounding bottom, hopping, and swimming,” he says.

On the cast, he tosses the jig out, lets it glide to bottom, then gathers in the slack and begins a series of short hops that cause the jig to pop up just above the top of the short grass and drop back into the greenery. “I call it perch peekaboo,” he laughs.

Banana-shaped jigs like the Slick Jig are also great for vertical jigging. For extra fluttering action and a slower fall, try threading a minnow on so it rests on its side. This trick is just one more way to catch the most fish possible every trip on lakes and rivers across Lindy Land.