Nighttime is the right time to target hungry walleyes. Under the cover of darkness, hungry ’eyes focus on shallow water feeding areas where they gorge on hapless baitfish and other sources of sustenance.

The spring and early summer night bite can be particularly productive, as gangs of walleyes gather in predictable areas while migrating from their spawning grounds to summer haunts.

More good news: Chances to reel in a limit after dark abound, whether you’re after weed walleyes or fishing classic rock or gravel structures.

Shallow feeding flats adjacent to deeper daytime hangouts can be gold mines. Anything that funnels fish movement, such as a slight depression or stairstep along a breakline, can be good, too. And never overlook places where incoming current sweetens the pot.

Fancasting such strike zones with crankbaits like the Lindy Rally Fish, Wally Shad and Wally Demon is a fine option. But often, suspending live bait above bottom is an equally deadly angle of attack.

Lighted and glow-in-the-dark floats shine for such maneuvers, serving as reliable strike indicators while continuously revealing your rig’s position. Plus, they eliminate the need to cast a fish-spooking flashlight beam across the surface to check your bobber’s whereabouts.

Thankfully, Thill offers a number of options, including the fully automatic Splash Brite, which lights up when it hits the water and turns off when pulled from the drink. Besides saving internal battery life for a full 36 hours or more of nocturnal fishing time, it eliminates the need for light sticks and buttons.

As a bonus, the Splash Brite is a true center slider armed with a line-friendly brass grommet, so it doubles as a daytime float when the internal battery finally expires.

Thill’s iconic Nite Brite is another top choice, capable of cutting through the gloom with a fiery glow visible at the end of a long cast, even in rough water. It’s powered by a replaceable battery that lasts twice as long as standard bobber batteries, and is easily turned on and off.

Other Thill options include the Night ‘N Day Glow Float. As the name implies, the buoyant balsa body sports a luminescent paint job that glows in the dark, no batteries required.

If trophy walleyes are on your hit list, it’s worth noting that Little Joe offers a Nite Brite Lighted Pole Float. Available in 6- through 10-inch sizes, it’s ideal for presenting super-sized live baits to beefy walleyes and other broad-shouldered ghosts in the darkness.