The lower St. Louis River walleye and shiner run may be a bit behind schedule, but it’s yielding great catches nonetheless.

That’s the word from veteran river guide and Lindy pro Charlie Nelson, who struck walleye gold there earlier this week.

“A friend and I decided to check the area from the Highway 23 bridge upstream to the dam,” he said. “We found out that the shiners have definitely moved up there now, and so have the walleyes.”

Nelson’s plan was to troll a 400-yard stretch leading up toward the dam and then test the jig bite.

“We dropped size 5 River Rockers in the water and barely got going when a 21-inch walleye hit one of the baits,” he said. “We trolled up another 10 fish from 19 to 21 inches after that.”

Nelson notes that their target area was a current seam along a depth change from about 5 to 7 feet of water. “With the current charging along at 1.5 to 2 mph, an upstream trolling pace of just .5 mph was all it took to get the River Rockers rocking,” he added.

Jigging proved just as effective.

“We focused on an area where two channels coming from the dam come together,” he said. “One channel flows from the power generation side of the dam, and had decent current. The other channel, which comes from the main dam, was pretty slack.”

Nelson anchored in 4 feet of water in the slack channel and pitched 3/8-ounce Lindy Jigs tipped with a 4-inch sucker minnow or large fathead into the faster current.

“The trick was swimming the jig along bottom in a slow lift-fall retrieve,” he added.

In short order, he racked up another 10 walleyes.

“They were a little smaller than the ones we got trolling, averaging 15 to 18 inches,” he said. “But it was still a fun pattern.”

Nelson expects the trolling and jigging action to last a couple more weeks near the dam.

“After that the fish should transition to manmade structure downriver, offering anglers yet another chance at fall walleye action,” he said.